Racing Team

Austria Racing Camps trains athletes in the categories Children, Junior and FIS. For that reason, appropriate teams have been established. Within such a team athletes from all over the world are offered training possibilities throughout the entire year. While some athletes attend Austria Racing Camps training programmes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, other athletes stay for a whole season, or even several years and go to primary school or secondary school in Axams, which is one of the three most modern schools in the Tyrol, or they join a particular Home Schooling Programme. With regard to such athletes, a special training concept has been elaborated in cooperation with the schools.

All athletes are registered at our ski club and thus they are offered the opportunity to compete with Austrian ski runners in the framework of national races. In addition, we accompany our athletes to selected international races throughout Europe.

In this context, major emphasis is put on optimum racing preparation and racing routine. In order to guarantee our athletes the best possible atmosphere, our experienced team of coaches is supported by the Competence Centre during the whole year.


In our Children Team athletes between 6 and 10 years of age are in a training team.


In our Children Team athletes between 11 and 15 years of age are in a training team.


In our FIS Team athletes above the age of 16 are in a training team.

Starting from October 2016, Austria Racing Camps offers an all-around service. With our new “Austria Racing Camps FIS Team”, we will push FIS-racers to the top of international ranks. Until September 30th, you can registrate yourself for our team.

The program “ARC FIS Team” is from October 2016 to spring 2017 and includes fitness-, endurance-, strength- and ski-trainings in all technical disciplines as well as professional support on FIS- and even Europacup-races. The new offer is addressed especially to athletes between the age of 16 and 25. We set up a team of maximum 5 athletes, who will be trained by up to two ski- and fitness coaches. We already made a detailed training plan. The reservations for the ski resorts and accommodations are already made, our vans are ready to start and even the races are fixed as good as possible on base of the current FIS racing calendar. The trainings will take place on the glaciers of Hintertux and Stubai and during the winter season, we will also train in the ski resort Kuehtai, which was a World-Cup location in 2015/2016. Also in technical fields (bootfitting, ski-service, etc.), we are optimally positioned and provide our know-how to our future athletes. The “ARC FIS Team”-offer includes a wide range of services and is a total package, so that our athletes already know the total costs in advance in order to have the budget for the season.

Together with our athletes and coaches, we will make a contract before the start of the FIS-program. During the upcoming weeks, our coaches from ARC will work hard together with their athletes in order to reach our goals.


In our Masters Team athletes above the age of 30 are in a training team.