The 10 Golden Camp - Rules

for children and youngsters unter 18 years

To live together in a group requires considerateness and tolerance of every member. In order to have a smooth workflow and everybody to feel comfortable at Austria Racing Camps we ask you to follow some rules!

  1. The instructions of the coach during the camp stay have to be obeyed under any circumstances.
  2. The use of alcohol, nicotine, drugs and so on is strictly forbidden during the whole stay.
  3. Leaving the group and the facilities on your own is forbidden.
  4. Each participant has to remain in its group during the ski training on the Glacier. Leaving the group without telling the coach is strictly forbidden.
  5. Getting of the cable lift earlier is strictly forbidden.
  6. Discipline and order are to be followed absolutely (standing in line at the lift, no vandalism in the gondola and the hotel, quietness in the hotel and especially in the sauna, keeping your rooms tidy….)
  7. Should you leave the hotel, a member of the coaching team has to be informed before and after.
  8. For participants under 14 years lights out at 9:00 pm, over 14 years old at 9:30 pm.
  9. The stay of girls in boy’s rooms and contrarivise is not allowed.
  10. The use of the free internet is only allowed with the permission of the parents.

Each violation of the camp rules can lead to the exclusion of the camp. In this case we reserve the right to send your child home on your costs.

With the registration to Austria Racing Camps I accept the camp rules above.