Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is a professional training programme that is straightforward and covers the basic needs of an athlete. It is applicable to all age groups but is especially targeted at younger athletes due to its simplicity. The athlete is provided with regular support from the ARC Athletic Coach who monitors progress and adapts each training plan to the athlete’s needs. With a 3-month overview including 3 monthly training plans the athlete is fully equipped to train from home and to ideally prepare themselves for their on-snow training and competitions.

Our services

Booking At Any Stage!

recommended: beginning of the month

Initial Interview

via Skype, Zoom or similar


as an entry level assessment

Individual Training Plans

according to the results of the inital interview and the questionnaire

Training Plan Adjustment

to stay up to date at all times

Explanation Of Training Plans

via Skype, Zoom or similar

Training Plan Overview per PDF

for a longterm planning for 3 months

App Supported Training

with precise description, pictures and videos

Reflection Talks

to keep an eye on your success

Any Location

all elements of the package are not dependent of location

Age Recommendation

8 years or older

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Individual training plans from our coach per app ...

Plans with precise description ...

... pictures ...

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