Silver Package

Duration: 6 months

The Silver Package is considered the intermediate program and a step-up from the Bronze Package. It is designed for the athlete who has tried the Bronze Package 1-2 times and wishes to prepare for the ski season in a more specific, structured way for a longer period of time. At the beginning of the program, every athlete must perform a base-line test which will check the current fitness status. Based on the test results, the ARC Athletic coach can prepare the six-month plan. In the weeks to follow, the athlete will followup with the coach online, several times a month, tracking the progress – during these times, coaches will adapt the plan to fit the individual needs and expectations. Even though this package is for a six-month period, it is an advanced and high performance program. It offers a more professional and individualized preparations for the ski season. The recommended minimum age group is U12.

Our services

Booking at any stage

Recommended start: April/May or September/October

Entry Level Assessment

to check the current fitness status of the athlete

Initial interview

via Skype, Zoom or – if possible – on stage

Individual Training-Plan

fortnightly adjustment to the needs of the athlete

Explanation Of Training-Plans

via Skype, Zoom or – if possible – on stage

Training-Plan Mesocycle

plan for 6 months

Training-Plan Microcycle

weekly/monthly plan

Training Plan Adjustment

fortnightly on base of the current status of the athlete


fortnightly personal support via Skype, Zoom or – if possible – on stage

App Supported Training

with precise description, pictures and videos

Age Recommendation

from U 12 or older

Any Location

all elements of the package are not dependent of location except the entry level assessment, which needs to be completed locally

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