Sport is often about the connection between the athletes and their equipment. In skiing the important connection between the athletes and their skis, lies in the ski boot.

Since every athlete differs due to their anatomy, experience and performance level, an individually adapted ski boot is a basic requirement for the athlete to transfer their skills and knowledge to their skiing.

ARC, with one of the best boot fitters of his time, aims to deliver the opportunity for every athlete to receive a perfectly fitted boot, directly in the camp.

We can proudly say we have managed to add a great member to our team, our boot fitter Philipp Plank!


Plank Bootfitting

  • Our partner for first-class racing equipment, especially in the area of skiboots.
  • The high quality equipment, the professional bootfitting through Philipp Plank as well as the personal inputs from our ARC-coaches about the athletes, form together an unbeatable combination.
  • The result: perfect material adjustment – perfect performance!

Philipp Plank

the expert himself

  • born in Sterzing 1987
  • successful racer until 2007
  • 2008 – 2012 World-Cup-Serviceman for skiboots for Lange/Rossignol
  • Bootfitter of many World-Cup-Athletes (Ted Ligety, Maria Höfl-Riesch, Tina Maze, Frida Hansdotter, Henrik Kristoffersen etc.)
  • Current athletes: Petra Vlhova, Marco Odermatt, Viktoria Rebensburg, Stefan Luitz, Christof Innerhofer, uva.