Austria Racing Camps offers high-quality ski training for athletes from all over the world

The training concept is based on the well-respected Austrian curriculum used in the context of the national training programme for alpine coaches and certified ski instructors. Athletes of the Austrian National Ski Team are taught in accordance with this concept in order to perfect their skills. These athletes have been demonstrating their strengths in the World Cup for decades and their success confirms the functionality of the concept.

On the basis of this curriculum, Austria Racing Camps has developed its own success orientated philosophy. It is continuously optimised and perfected by both, the coaches of Austria Racing Camps and the Competence Centre. The development of the concept considers the experience gained by World Champions and World Cup winners, members of the National Team, Austrian demonstrators for Interskis and the St. Christoph Bundessportheim.

The atmosphere is important!

We endeavour support our athletes on the highest level. In this respect, a perfect atmosphere is the ultimate prerequisite. This is the reason why our athletes stay in 4-star hotels which are all located right next to the ski-lift in Austria’s best ski regions with guaranteed snow, such as Kuehtai, Hintertux Glacier, the Olympic Region Axamer Lizum, as well as the Alpenpark Neuss.

We are very proud of our close cooperation with qualified partners of the ski world such as Atomic, Salomon, Head, Fischer, Swix, Ziener and Energiapura.

Hugo Nindl

Founder and Senior President

  • 8 years on the Austrian National Ski Team
  • 2x Professional World Champion
  • Overall Champion in World Cup Slalom
  • 9x Austrian Champion
  • Certified Austrian Ski Instructor
  • Certified C-Trainer in Alpine Skiing

MBA Oliver Nindl


  • Head Coach at Austria Racing Camps from 1986 – 2007
  • M.A, in Economics
  • Certified Mental Coach of “Center of Mental Excellence”
  • Certified Austrian Ski Instructor
  • 4 years coach in USA
  • President of the Division Ski du Groupe Estess

LL.M. Mirko Nindl


  • Responsible for the organization of the Camps and administration
  • Master’s degree in law
  • Accomplished lawyer
  • Professional experience as a lawyer from 2002 – 2013
  • Coach at Austria Racing Camps since 1994

Christoph Praxmarer

Head Coach/Assistant CEO

  • 3 years member of Development Team
  • Austrian Champion Shortcarving
  • Vice-European Champion Shortcarving
  • Certified Austrian Ski Coach
  • Certified Austrian Ski Instructor
  • Certified Mental Coach of “Mental Drive”

Stefan Zlatarev

Coach with ARC since 2012

  • Expert for ski tuning at ARC
  • Bulgarian Certified Ski Instructor
  • 9 years on the Bulgarian National Ski Team
  • Responsible for FIS-racers

BSc. Emer Pisarnik

Coach with ARC since 2016

  • Austrian ski instructor education
  • Austrian “D-Trainer” education
  • Bachelor Degree in Sportmanagement
  • Expert in Sport-Nutrition
  • Responsible for organizationn of U8 – U12
  • Back Office

BSc. Thomas Kundtner

Coach with ARC since 2018

  • Certified Austrian Ski Instructor
  • D – Trainer
  • Bachelor degree in sportscience
  • Master degree in sportscience (in education)
  • Responsible for Athletic-Program

Simon Lauriola

Coach with ARC since 2018

  • Coach since 1999
  • Certified Ski Instructor (highest level)
  • D-Trainer
  • Czech Champion Carving Team
  • Long Term Member Demo Team Czech Republic
  • Tuning Specialist

Lucia Valles Nunez

Coach with ARC since 2021

  • Coach since 2018
  • Certified Ski Instructor (highest level)
  • MBA in Sports Management
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Former Head-Coach Noroeste Racing Team

Gorazd Ranzinger

Coach with ARC since 2016

  • Coach since 2001
  • Coach of the Slowenian National Team
  • Certified Ski Instructor (highest level)
  • Trainer education

Boryana Nindl

Graphic designer

  • 9 years on the Bulgarian National Ski Team
  • Bulgarian Champion and Balkan Champion over a number of years
  • Participant in the World Cup in St. Moritz
  • Participant in Junior World Championship in Martigni
  • Certified Ski Instructor
  • Master Degree in Interior Design

Competence Center

Our network


History of ARC

Austria Racing Camps was founded by Hugo Nindl in 1975. As overall Slalom World Cup winner, two times Professional World Champion, six times Austrian Junior Champion and nine times Austrian Champion, he knew exactly how to promote young talents at an early stage. Since 1986, Hugo Nindl has been supported by his son Oliver Nindl. Initially, only summer camps were offered. However, due to the high demand and the success that had been achieved, winter and autumn camps were soon on hand as well. In the meantime, the coaches of Austria Racing Camps are at the athlete’s disposal every day throughout the entire year.

With the launch of the traditional Classic Camps, Austria Racing Camps laid the founding stone for the most successful racing sports programme worldwide. Elite Camps, Private Camps and the Racing Team have been added to the programme. The new products were established at the request of the coaches, because they wanted to support their athletes on a more individual and more intensive basis.

What athletes say about us

During the nearly 40 years Austria Racing Camps we were growing to a big international family. Many of our former athletes are coming back to ARC already with their children or grand children. We are very proud to look on a big list of winners in Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup, Europa Cup, Far East Cup, Nor-Am Cup, National Championships, Whistler Cup, Trofeo Topolino, …

Marcel Hirscher

Olympic Games and Worldchampionship Winner

To go to the top in ski racing, you need a perfect set up – professional partners like Austria Racing Camps and Atomic.

  • Olympic Games (2x Gold, 1x Silver)
  • World Championships (7x Gold, 4x Silver)
  • 67 World Cup Victories
  • 8x World Cup Winner Overall (2011–2019)
  • 6x GS-World Cup Winner (2011/12, 2014–2019)
  • 6x SL-World Cup Winner (2012–2015, 2016–2019)

Ivica Kostelic

World Championship and World Cup Winner

During my glacier trainings I have often interacted with Austria Racing Camps. Their coaches are always professional and their trainings provide a perfect base for future ski racers.

  • Olympic Games (4x Silver)
  • World Championships (1x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze)
  • 26 World Cup Victories
  • 1x World Cup Winner Overall (2010/2011)
  • 2x SL-World Cup Winner (2001/02, 2010/11)
  • 3x Combinations-World Cup Winner (2010 – 2013)

Stephan Eberharter

Olympic Games and World Championship Winner

I recommend Austria Racing Camps for any aspiring racer. These Camps provided me with the foundation for my racing success.

  • Olympic Games (1x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze)
  • World Championships (3x Gold, 1x Silver)
  • 29 World Cup Victories
  • 2x World Cup Winner Overall (2001/02, 2002/03)
  • 3x Downhill-World Cup Winner(2001 – 2004)
  • 2x SuperG-World Cup Winner (2001 – 2003)

Michaela Dorfmeister

Olympic Games and World Championship Winner

To be successful in the winter you must train fully in the summer and fall. Austria Racing Camps is the best way to start the racing season at top performance.

  • Olympic Games (2x Gold, 1x Silver)
  • World Championships (2x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze)
  • 25 World Cup Victories
  • 1x World Cup Winner Overall (2001/2002)
  • 1x GS-World Cup Winner (1999/2000)
  • 2x Downhill-World Cup Winner (2002/03, 2005/06)
  • 2x SuperG-World Cup Winner (2004 – 2006)

Maria Walliser

World Championship Winner

My daughter Noemi loves to train with Austria Racing Camps where she gets provided with accuracy and highest professionalism.

  • Olympic Games (1x Silver, 2x Bronze)
  • World Championships (3x Gold, 1x Bronze)
  • 25 World Cup Victories
  • 2x World Cup Winner Overall (1985 – 1987)
  • 2x Downhill-World Cup Winner (1983/84, 1985/86)
  • 1x SuperG-World Cup Winner (1986/1987)
  • 1x GS-World Cup Winner (1986/1987)
  • 1x Combinations-World Cup Winner (1985/1986)

Heinz Schilchegger

Slalom-World Cup Winner

Perfect training with professional coaching is the key for being successful in ski racing. Hugo and Oliver at the Austria Racing Camps will make sure that you are in great shape for the upcoming race season.

  • Slalom-World Cup Winner
  • 15 years member of the Austrian National Ski Team
  • World Championships (place 4 and 6)

David Pavlik

Stanley Cup Winner

After playing 12 years in the best icehockey leagues in the world, I can recognize a professional training and setup right away – that’s why my daughter Ava is flying several times a year to Austria to train with ARC!

  • Stanley Cup Winner
  • 5 years National Hockey League in USA
  • 7 years Major League in Sweden, Russia and Finland

Hannes Schmied

World famous artist, Ski-Speed-Freak

I have attended many Ski Camps in the last 20 years, the most professional of all were the Austria Racing Camps. Customized mentoring, high qualified instructions, choice of slopes and lanes, coaching on the glacier, friendship, service and accommodation: My rating: AAA.

  • Swiss photo artist
  • Fashion and commercial photographer
  • Ski Speed Freak
  • Member 24 hour Ski Race Team

Julia Schärer


Many thanks to Austria Racing Camps! Every year the perfect preparation for the new World Cup season!

  • Masters-Team of Austria Racing Camps
  • Masters-World Championships (7x Gold,11x Silver, 8x Bronze)
  • Masters-Olympic Games (3x Gold)
  • 10x Masters-World Cup Winner Overall

Christoph Gruber

World Cup Winner

If you really want to be a future World Cup Winner, I firmly believe you should not miss the Austria Racing Camps. To train with those professionals will be the key for your future racing success.

  • Junior-World Champion in GS & combination
  • European Cup Winner Super G
  • 6 European Cup Victories
  • 5 World Cup Victories

Franz Fuchsberger

Powder-World Champion

I would always trust a Champions first hand knowledge how to become a future Champion. Therefore, the road to success leads through the Austria Racing Camps.

  • 6x Powder 8 World Champion
  • 9x Vail/B.C. – Ski School Race Series Champion (Biggest skischool of the world)

Pepi Neubauer

Masters- and Powder-World Champion

The foundation for victory for any great racer. Success is achieved through the commitment and hard work of the Austria Racing Camps. I have raced with Hugo and he is the best at what he does.

  • 3x Masters-World Champion
  • 3x Powder 8 World Champion

Christine Sponring

World Cup Winner

Best camp I ever went to. Thanks to Hugo and Oliver Nindl for teaching me not only the perfect technique but also a champion‘s attitude.

  • Junior-World Champion
  • World Championships (1x Silver)
  • 12 European Cup Victories


Mikaela Shiffrin

  • Olympic Games (2x Gold, 1x Silver)
  • World Championships (5x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze)
  • 3x World Cup Winner Overall; 6x Slalom; 1x GS; 1x SG
  • 60 World Cup Victories
  • 5x Whistler Cup Winner
  • 2x Trofeo Topolino Winner

Felix Neureuther

  • World Championships (1x Gold, 1x Silver, 3x Bronze)
  • 13 World Cup Victories
  • 50 World Cup Podiums
  • Overall World Cup (Place 4) 2013, 2015
  • Slalom Overall World Cup (Place 2) 2013, 2014, 2015

Stephanie Venier

  • World Championships (1x Silver)
  • 1 World Cup Victory
  • 4 World Cup Podiums
  • Downhill Overall World Cup (Place 2) 2019
  • Super G Overall World Cup (Place 5) 2017
  • Junior World Champion 2013 (Super G)
  • Junior Vice World Champion 2013 (Downhill)
  • Junior Vice World Champion 2014 (Super G)
  • 1x Austrian National Champion (Super G)

Werner Heel

  • 3 World Cup Victories
  • 9 World Cup Podiums
  • Super G Overall World Cup (Place 2) 2009, (Place 4) 2013
  • Downhill Overall World Cup (Place 3) 2010
  • since 2009 ambassador for UNICEF

Regina Sterz

  • 7x Top 10 results at the World Cup
  • 2 Europa Cup Victories
  • 8 Europa Cup Podiums
  • 6 years member of the Austrian National Ski Team

David Chodounsky

  • 8x Top 10 n the World Cup
  • 1x Nor-Am Cup Winner
  • 6 Nor-Am Cup podiums
  • 4x USA Slalom-National Champion, 1x Combination

Kentaro Minagawa

  • Olympic Games in Turin (place 4)
  • World Championships in St. Anton (place 10)
  • 9x Top 10 in the World Cup
  • 4x Japanese National Champion
  • 3 Nor-Am Cup Winner
  • 4 Europacup podiums

Patrick Jazbec

  • Junior-World Championships Garmisch-Partenkirchen (7. place in Slalom)
  • World Championships in Schladming 2013 (24. place in Slalom)
  • 11 World Cup starts
  • 87 European Cup starts (2x place 6)
  • Long-time member of the Slowenian National Team